Nahradiť Makita tool BL1850B BL1840B BL1860B batéria kompatibilná s Makita pôvodné 18V6.0Ah = "" lítium-iónová batéria
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【Product Information】Brand New Lithium-ion Rechargeable battery 18V 6.0Ah, For Makita power tools 18V replacement battery.

Rated capacity: 6000mAh Standard voltage: 18V Size: 117x75x67mm Charging time:1~2h Battery type:Li-ion Is it rechargeable:Yes Charging Voltage:18V Applicable Type: Makita Electric Tools

Suitable for Makita 18v battery BL1850 BL1860B BL1860 BL1850B BL1840 BL1840B BL1830 BL1830B BL1820 BL1820B BL1815 BL1815B BL1835 BL1835B BL1845B BL1845 194205-3 194309-1 LXT-400 XRU02Z

Compatible models: (Please use "Ctrl + F" to find the correct code)

Compatible with Makita tools:

Makita BHP451 BHP451SFE BDF451 BDF451Z BDF452RFE BTD140 BTD140SFE Makita BTW251 BSS501 BSS610 BSS610Z BSS610SFE BJR181 BJR181Z Makita BJV180 BML184 BML185 (Flash) BJS130 BDA350 BFS450 Makita BHP454 BTD141 BTDW251Z BTP140 BTD141Z BTD144Z BSS610Z Makita BTD144 BTL063 BTL061 BTL063Z BTL061Z BHP452 BHR240 BHR240Z Makita BDF452SHE BDF454RFE BFR450RFE BGA452RFE BHP452SHE Makita BJR181RF BJV180RF BSS610RF BTD140RFE BTD142SHE BTD145RFE Makita BTW251RFE BTW450RFE BVR450RFE BDF451RFE BHP451RFE Makita BDF452Z BDF454Z BFR450Z BGA452Z BHP452Z BHP454Z BHR202Z Makita BTD140Z BTD142Z BTD145Z BTP140Z BTW251Z BTW450Z BVR450Z Makita BKP180Z BGD800Z BGD801Z BVC350Z BCF201Z BCL180Z BCS550Z Makita BHP452Z BJS130Z BJS161Z BPB180Z BUB182Z DHS710ZJ BMR100 Makita BTD140Z BDF452Z BJV180Z BHR202RFE BFR750 BMR104 BTP140RFE Makita BJR181Z BKP180RFE BMR102 BDA351Z BHP454RFE BHR202 Compatible models: (Please use "Ctrl + F" to find the correct code)

Package includes (according to the purchased package):

A. 18V6000mAh battery*2 B. 18V6000mAh battery*2+charger

About our company

Guojin Industrial (Guangdong) Co., a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of power tool batteries, electric bicycle batteries, lithium battery products, lithium ion battery packs, car batteries and other equipment batteries.We have R&D, production and maintenance centers in China.We have many lithium battery cell models, which can be customized according to customers' detailed requirements and applications.Our products are exported to Europe, America, Russia, Southeast Asia, Asia, South America and other countries.The product is safe and reliable.Welcome new and old customers to visit and look forward to cooperating with you.

Battery maintenance:

1. When not in use for a long time, be sure to remove the battery pack from the tool. 2. If you do not plan to use the power tool battery for one month or longer, please store it in a clean, dry and cool place away from heat and metal objects.Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries will discharge themselves during storage; please remember to charge the batteries before use. 3. Do not leave the battery in a sleep state for a long time.We recommend using the battery at least once every two to three weeks. [Worry-free purchase] All products provide 12 months of quality problem resolution from the date of purchase.If you encounter any product quality problems, please contact us by email immediately, and we will try our best to solve them!

  • Menovitá Kapacita: >3500mAh
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Kapacita: 6000mAh
  • Náhradné Batérie: Áno
  • Batérie: 18650
  • Súbor Typ: Batérie Iba
  • Použitie: Nahradiť Makita náradie batérie
  • Typ Batérie: LÍTIUM-IÓNOVÁ
  • veľkosť: 18650
  • Zväzok: Zväzok 1
  • Certifikácia: CE, FCC, ROHS, UL
  • Druh: Li-Ion
  • Názov Značky: SAIKEUNG
  • Číslo Modelu: MT18V60
  • Napätie: 18V

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